Our Staff

Staff Selection

HWE is committed to providing the highest quality of service to both its clients and members. In order to ensure our standards are maintained a strict criteria is set out before employment.

Qualifications & Work History

Prior to an induction interview a registration form must be completed by the applicant. We require confirmation of the applicant’s qualifications, experience and work history. All nursing qualifications are confirmed with the NMC. Copies of all training certificates are held on file and available for inspection.  Health Care Assistants are required to have Mandatory Health Care Training, completed within the last 12 months and supported by a recognised certificate or issuing institution.


Staff are required to provide confirmation of who they are with a passport or similar statutory identification document.  We also require proof of your address. Staff are also registered with the Inland Revenue under the Real Time Initiative (RTI) and paid weekly into their nominated bank accounts.

References and Work History

Staff are required to provide two professional referees with one expected to be from their last or current employer. All references must be obtained before an applicant can start work.  

Where applicable staff are also required to provide a ten year work history explaining any gaps or breaks in service.

Occupational Health

All applicants are required to fill out a health declaration and will be questioned on their vaccination history.  We recommend that all staff are vaccinated against Hep. B., T.B., Measles, Mumps and Rubella. We recommend to all applicants who have never had Chicken Pox consider a Varicella vaccination.

Background Checks

Before they are allowed to work for this agency, all applicants must: :

  • Receive (or hold) a satisfactory Enhanced DBS certificate
  • Not be listed on the POCA or POVA lists.
  • Must hold a valid PIN Number (qualified  nursing staff only)
  • Must provide evidence that the applicant can legally reside and work in the UK
  • Must be free of impending or current, prosecution, sentencing or disciplinary proceedings