Our Philosophy

HWE works hard to create harmonious and positive environments for our clients and staff.  We started with the idea of providing the highest quality of service to our clients in the environment of their choice while adhering to the following principles:

The provision of reliable, punctual and sensitive service, which takes into account, the client’s ethnic, cultural and religious needs.

Respecting clients’ privacy and their wish for continuity of care.

Provide a flexible service, which can adapt to the individual circumstances of the client.

Inform the client of the company's comprehensive complaints procedure and actively encourage the client to use the procedure if not entirely satisfied with the service received.

Promoting the companies Equal Opportunity Policy by not discriminating against any client on the basis of Ethnic Origin, Nationality, Sexual Orientation, Age or Disability.

At all times respecting the choice, dignity, fulfilment and independence of the patient and to work positively to enhance their quality of life.

Helping the community by providing a route to employment for all through training, support and access to work opportunities.