The HWE 10 Point Guarantee:

1) All rates are inclusive. Our rates are reviewed every April but will only rise in line with NHS price rises and market forces. In addition, our rates have been not increased for the last four years.

2) Health Work Exchange is and will remain insured for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability for a minimum of £1M pounds. 

3) All staff are legally employed. All staff have been checked to make sure they comply with the following:

They are legally entitled to work in the UK. Only British Citizens or work permit holders are employed by Health Work Exchange. No illegal workers, no holiday makers, no foreign ‘students’ working outside of their visa conditions.

4) Health Work Exchange ensure all staff are checked to Enhanced DBS level and also checked against the POVA & POCA lists. No old applicant DBSs from former employers, no irrelevant DBSs from unrelated work. No 'application is in the post' excuses, the checks are made and received by us before staff go out to work.

5) All staff are legally paid. Correct tax and N.I. are deducted and paid to the Inland Revenue. No cash in hand. All staff paid holiday pay. All staff paid in excess of the minimum wage.

6) Mandatory Training Required:

Manual Lifting & Handling, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, COSHH, RIDDOR & Confidentiality.

7) All staff receive an appraisal every six months.

8) All staff have completed a full health questionnaire and are monitored to ensure patient safety.

9) Our aim is total client satisfaction.

10) We uphold the core values and achieve the best practice standards of our industry.

Our Guarantee